Block Walls

Additions - Block Walls

In many Building and Construction programs, Block walls provide much security and are used as great designing material. When setting up these Block walls with core bolts, additional care must be taken to make sure safe and appropriate attaching. When attaching to Block walls, Full Circle Construction makes sure that it must not prevent a number of particular concerns that must be taken into consideration. These consist of what part of the Wall is Blocked to route into as well as which type of core would work the best in the particular construction.

Before selecting the appropriate core for a program, it is necessary to consider where in the Wall Block the securer should be placed. Full Circle Construction helps you to decide on to the question of will the securer be placed in<

(a) The mortar combined,
(b) The strong area of the wall block, or
(c) The empty area of the Block walls block.

Some programs may allow each securer to be placed in the same aspect of the wall block while other set ups need that each core be placed in different segments of the block walls.

As with any Block wall, it is important to keep protection in mind and adhere to guidelines properly. Full Circle Construction is licensed to construct a perfect block wall and to ensure it meets all specification as outlined by the building department.


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