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Looking for a construction company that will offer you some of the most cost effective methods for the construction of a new building or for the renovation of an old building? Are you happy with the designs and services of that company? But wait, what is this that we are hearing? The company that you have decided to go ahead with has no building permit! This kind of activity could lead you into great tensions as getting a building permit is very crucial before the beginning of the construction process. One should not go with the company that does not take care of these legal formalities. But with Full Circle Construction the client has no need to worry about all these legal procedures.

We at Full Circle Construction Services, takes complete responsibility of all the legal procedures and get all the important documents and permissions ready with use before the starting of the construction. Construction on a land needs the approval of the concerned department. One has to take permission from the government for constructing or reconstructing a building and this is popularly known as the building permit. The permission of the government of the city, state or the country where the construction is taking place is very important as there are certain laws and regulations that are applicable on the construction works and if one tries to go against these laws, and then he would certainly fall in a danger zone. So, it is the duty of the construction company that is undertaking your construction project to verify all the legal documents and get a building permit before the commencing of the construction.

The Legal permit for building is good for the person concerned with the construction financially as well. If one does not bother about the building code, then it is certain that he is increasing the construction costs. It means that the building is not able to meet the safety standards, so you will have to spend more for ensuring safety standards. However, there is no permit in some of the renovations like Re- roofing, flooring, Re- siding, painting, replacing doors and windows, cabinet installation. If you are working for the renovations of these, then there is no need for the approval of the building plan.

Thus ensuring the building permit would simply mean that you are doing all the construction process under the rules and regulations issues by the government and you are saving the extra cost that would be incurred in employing safety standards. So, one should go with a company that gets all the permissions before starting off with the construction work. Now, you would be in a position to differentiate between a genuine company and a fraud. We, at the HUB take complete responsibility of the build permissions for both the new construction as well as for the renovation works. We keep our client as the top priority, and that is why we do not do any such activity that would lead to the insult or humiliation of our client.


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