Carpeting, cloth-covered surfaces, and pads are used for visual reasons, to provide comfort, insulating material and to secure the actual floor. Our professionals add beauty and glamour to the room and also give it a nice and professional look. Servicing and hygiene of carpets can become a task in large commercial areas like workplaces, conference hallways, event and display locations, shops, shopping centers, shops, cinemas, schools/colleges, chapels, medical centers, government structures etc, and can change the entire look and feel of the space.

We help clients by providing them guidance for carpets which create good ambience and is aesthetically pleasing. Carpet is selected by keeping a note that the carpet area should be proper and accessible. People may also get allergic reactions or negative respiratory/skin responses to ill-maintained carpeting. In wet places, the carpeting becomes a snare for disease-causing creatures and infection. So we provide this detailed know how about the ambience and materials to be used for carpet so these hygiene problem do not arise.

Professional rug cleaning is a specific job. The period and regularity of washing required is identified by traffic in the area, utilization, wear-and-tear and remodelling specifications. This job needs in-depth information of rug production and the newest types of string, material and materials used these days. Full Circle Construction Services have specialists who are specially-trained in carpet-mills and are qualified by the Carpet and Rug Institution and they are acquainted with manufacturer-recommended washing techniques like hot-water elimination or business, wet-vacuuming, washing, bonnet-cleaning, stain-removal, dry-encapsulation etc.


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